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AssessmentWorld is a platform on which world class psychometric solutions are made available at very affordable prices. We feature sophisticated software tools to make the tasks normally associated with testing small or large numbers of people a breeze.

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A large selection of Psychometric instrumentation from various Test publishers as well as in-house solutions are available.

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A number of Surveys have been developed for AssessmentWorld. The Survey module makes it easy to nominate large numbers of people to participate in a survey, and to track their progress. Finalising and Reporting on the results takes a few mouse clicks. A unique feature is the ability to directly compare the results obtained on different surveys (run at different times and on different samples).
People nominated to take a survey can either do so directly from the link embedded within the nomination email, or by downloading and installing the My-AW Android App. The latter option is more convenient when people will participate in multiple surveys and/or also participate in 360 Degree evaluations.


360 Degree assessments

AssessmentWorld makes it easy to define the relationships between large numbers of so-called "Candidates" and "Assessors". In fact the people on your normal Psychometric Testing Lists can also optionally form part of your 360 Degree lists.
Once you have your List of participants ready, you can launch a 360 Degree evaluation. People will then assess those they have been tasked to evaluate on either the competencies pre-determined for the target Candidate's Job, or using a user-defined template of Dimensions and related questions. The system is really completely flexible.
Participants can respond by simply clicking on the embedded link within the typical nomination email, or for added convenience, they can download the My-AW Android app, and easily run all the assessments from their smartphone or Tablet.



Assessment World Testing is done either on the web or scores from paper an pencil administrations are captured on special input screens. In addition selected tests can be rendered in a format suitable for use on a cell phone.

Candidates that have been nominated for Assessments can also be directed to a logon page where they enter login credentials before starting a testing session. The my-aw domain is used for this.

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Platform features


Assessment World allows you to configure the biographical variables that you want to capture per "testee" (and indeed per 360 degree nominee or assessor as well). You can also instruct the system to allow choices from lists for specific questions (eg. Departments within your company). This allows you to ensure that users of the system use consistent and verified input values. The data in these lists can then be used to define Groups. When loading your Testees, you can instruct the system to load a Group (eg. HR Clerks). This allows you to work with a small manageble subset of your data at any time instead of big (slow) unwieldly lists. This makes it easy to for instance report on sets of specific Testees.


One of the most challenging aspects of using Psychometric Tests professionally is identifying and using the most appropriate norm group against which to reference the performance of people that have been assessed.
AssessmentWorld takes the solution a step further than any other system. Instead of trying to make an exhaustive set of norms available, we empower you to define your own groups of people (using any biographical variables whatsoever). Groups can then be used as your norm group definitions, and the system will generate norm tables using their results on any of the Tests in the system. This allows you to always use the most appropriate norm table for the specific situation within which testing is takeing place.

Defining your own Batteries of tests

The system allows you to define your own Test Batteries. This saves a lot of time when you want to assess a number of candidates on the same or a similar set of Tests.
Batteries can also be directly derived from a Job Profile.

Defining your own dimensions

In addition to the large number of competencies (or Tested dimensions) that come pre-defined within the Job Profiling and Psychometric Testing system, you can also define yout own unique Dimensions, and attach your own questions to these. The system will then use these questions to facilitate completely unique 360 degree assessments. We also offer consulting expertise in this area.

Loading your own Tests

If you have any in-house developed Instrumentation we can facilitate the inclusion of these on the platform for your exclusive use. This is a service we provide as a consulting add-on; and you obviously need to be the legal copyright holder of the Instrument. We also have a developer Site, specifically geared to helping the aspirant Test Publisher get their offerings on our platform. Kindly contact us if this is something you would like to discuss further.


Psychometric Testing

Assessment World features a large and growing number of Psychometric Instruments. These Instruments cover cognitive, emotional and social dimensions. The cognitive Tests are often visual in order to eliminate bias and ensure fair assessment across cultures. All the traditional "ability competencies" on a range of complexity levels, such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, arithmetic, numerical ability, reasoning and fluid intelligence measures are covered. In addition we have Instruments that measure various "softer" psychological constructs such as Emotional Intelligence, Big 5 Personality, Social, communication and Leadership styles and many more. For a more comprehensive overview of some of the Tests on the platform kindly use the link below.

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Online Test Invigilation

The AssessmentWorld Invigilator module allows the professional online, real-time video enabled supervised assessment sessions with clients. The module utilises an open source, user-to-user, end-to-end encrypted system, which ensures absolute confidentiality and privacy in the online assessment setting. The Invigilator module enables the practitioner to set up future assessment dates and times, by emailing assessment calendar bookings to candidates. This module can fully replace a non-virtual face-to-face assessment session, if necessitated by factors such as illness or time-distance difficulties. All test data capturing, scoring and report-writing continues to be administered on AssessmentWorld’s main testing site.

Job Profiling Expert

JPE is a specialist tool that facilitates the identification of basic job competencies and then assesses job holders against a tailor made, job related battery of Instruments. The output of the JPE is a detailed Job description that defines a Job in terms of the complexity requirements and the competencies required of a typical job-holder. It includes a comprehensive Job grading - with a mapping to various industry standard Job Grades.
The profiled Job can be used as the starting point for a Battery of tests (which is automatically tailor-made to assess people for a particular position).



Job Performance Areas Indicator (JPAMI) is a new addition to the AssessmentWorld platform. It allows the assessment of any Job in terms of a critical Areas analysis. These Areas are then mapped to any candidate's profile on the associated Psychometric Intrument. The results are graphed for easy interpretation of gaps between candidate and Job requirement. It is also very useful for easy comparisons between people.